7 utility model patent certificates
2 times selected for national water conservancy bidding
Passed ISO 9001:2015
Awarded the third prize of wisdom and water conservancy
Through the Ministry of Water Resources
Quality inspection center inspection
Through shaanxi institute of metrology
Accuracy detection of 0.05% grade
Selected as a high-tech enterprise in Shaanxi Province
Heavy quality brand demonstration unit
Selected in Shaanxi Province
Ministry of Science and Technology Sparks Enterprise Plan

Product Series

Level measurement

Through the accumulation of many years of production technology, full-scale digital linear correction, digital temperature error compensation in full temperature zone, accuracy of ±0.05% FS, integrated measurement of water level temperature

Pressure measurement

Minimal V/I conversion scheme, reducing peripheral resistance and ultra-high stability. A wide range of pressure transmitters are available to meet a wide range of application requirements, ensuring standardized installation throughout the plant.

Temperature measurement

The imported temperature sensor is used to transmit and output RS485 standard signals through the built-in microprocessor. The product adopts the sealing structure of the liquid level transmitter, the waterproof cable outlet, the IP68 defense level, and the integrated input measurement.

Water level instrument

The water level recorder adopts RS485 communication interface and standard MODBUS-RTU protocol, which has good compatibility and is convenient for users to use in large-scale networking. The product integrates large-capacity memory chip and high-energy lithium battery, high-precision real-time clock and perpetual calendar; Timed storage function

Flow measurement

With a new design concept, the temperature, pressure and flow signals are integrated into one, and the three signals are mixed and processed by the intelligent digital processor to output a compensated standard flow, thereby realizing the temperature and pressure compensation function for gas and steam. It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance.

data transmission

The live signal is automatically transmitted to the testing center via GPRS/CDMA/Beidou network, responsible for monitoring and controlling the on-site signals and industrial equipment. Unmanned remote real-time detection using modern computer communication technology and sensing technology

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Utility model patent certificate

Fully automatic water level temperature recorder

Quality Management System Certificate

ISO 9000:2015

National explosion-proof certificate

HR8000 explosion proof certificate